Over the coming months we'll populate this page with all of the traders and exhibitors at the show - so keep checking!


At Transylvania Wine we truly believe in astonishing quality and gentility of Romanian Wines. Our aim is to present new, strong character wines that will surprise and delight customers looking for exciting tasting experiences.

WINES A selection of high quality wines made of grapes harvested in the very heart of Dracula’s realm.

SPIRITS A selection of spirits, crafted in Transylvania with our century-old traditions.



Nerdoh design and print their own range of unique horror movie inspired t-shirts, clothing and merchandise. We are big fans ourselves, so it is more a labour of love than a business.

We hope our customer service is second-to-none and we always try and satisfy our customers needs/requests. Don’t be scared to send us your ideas and talk to us, you never know, we might try and create something that you, personally, would love!



Swampline Comics, based in Cheltenham, is owned and run by Kim Roberts and Chris Allen, bringing the best in new horror comics with titles such as "Resurrected" and "Voodoo Curse" and their popular anthology book series "Tomb of Horror", which has more than a nod back to those old classic titles from the likes of EC and Warren.

Creators themselves, Kim and Chris are personally responsible for the majority of work you will find under the Swampline banner, be it as writer, artist, colourist, letterer or all of the above, and also work with a whole host of comic talent from around the world. Anyone interested in working with Swampline Comics, do stop by and say hi, bring a portfolio for review, samples of your work. The guys are always happy to chat with creators and fans alike.



Joe K Worrall is a realism tattoo artist and artist, Co owner of Heart & Arrow - Tattoo Studio, with his wife, based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Being a long time horror fan his main influences on his tattooing, drawing and painting has been horror. He has been Tattooing for around 8 years



Victorian Geek are a mother & daughter run business specialising in geek & gaming, anime, steampunk & alternative essentials. They take pride in finding and stocking the latest accessories and bags to complete your outfit; whether it's steampunk, cosplay or just looking awesome! With competitive prices and friendly advice should you need it, we hope you find what you are looking for here at The Victorian Geek.

Website: www.thevictoriangeek.co.uk


The Cult Canvas Company is the original specialist in black and white, hand painted canvases. Since debuting at the UK Conclave, they have been inundated with commissions and requests for paintings in their trade mark black and white style.

In June this year, artist Alan Keen won an International Mixed Media competition to exhibit his work in the Strand Gallery, London, where he was recognised by various artists and curators.

The Cult Canvas Company sell hand painted canvases featuring movie scenes, characters, celebrities and various other themes from as little as £5, ensuring that anyone can purchase an original piece of art if they wish to.


Ink and Wilderness represents Amy Whiting's work as an independent illustrator and maker inspired by nature, folklore, wilderness, the macabre, magic and all things esoteric. She enjoys bringing all these elements together in darkly detailed illustrations and designs, which are used to produce a variety of illustrated products.

Website: inkandwilderness.co.uk


Chupacabra are a one stop shop for freaks and weirdos. Specialising in 'something different' you will be able to find everything from Taxidermy to Alternative Fashion and homeware in their collection of weird and wonderful treasures.

Website: www.chupacabrauk.co.uk
Facebook. www.facebook.com/chupacabrauk


Tiffany B turns bags into works of art and at Christmas her personalised hand painted stockings are a huge hit. The idea came to her when she recently visited a Horror convention.

She’s working hard on a new selection of 'horror' bags and making bat pom-poms ready for her first ever convention – Birmingham Horror Con!

Painting is ongoing which means there will be more designs than the pictures shown.

Bag sizes are:
small 20 x 22 x 12 cm (ideal lunch bag size)
Medium 30 x 30 x 20cm
Large 40 x 34 x 18cm


Strange Vice is a one stop shop selling DVDs, Blu Rays, VHS, Vinyl, tapes, books and magazines to fans of fantastic film, genre cinema and soundtrack freaks. Our small independent company was founded in 2011 by fans of incredibly strange film and music for those of the same bent.

In addition to browsing a wide selection of stock from our extensive online catalogue, visitors to the Strange Vice stall will also have the opportunity to shop our solid selection of rare and out of print titles in our carefully sourced (fair exclusive) second hand section.

So if like us you love; marauding hooligans on motor-sickles, black-gloved killers, renegade Italian cops, depraved heretic nuns, super-vixens in chains, gut munching cannibals, lashings of ketchup soaked spaghetti , kung-fu madness, high impact car chases, gloriously low-budget production values from the makers of fantastic flicks and home made horror from around the planet, unflinching ultra-violence, Japanese weirdness and mind-bending art-house, accompanied by a soundtrack of heavy fuzzed-out psych , obscure and exotic rock'n'roll and progressive Italian disco come visit our stall at Birmingham Horror Con 2017.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StrangeViceUK/
website: www.strangevice.co.uk


Duncan P. Bradshaw has a secret, one that he has harboured for a while now. That time, in the safe house? When the zombies broke through the barricades, and despite their numbers, we managed to fight them off? Do you remember afterwards, when he told you that he hadn't been bitten? He lied. Now infused with the zombism infection, he uses what time he has left, to write down the weird and wonderful things that run around his decaying brain.

Writing a mix of comedy/horror/bizarro, Duncan aims to publish books which are a little out there, and to make the reader laugh, and retch, in equal measure. His recent book, zombie short story collection, CHUMP, was nominated for a Saboteur Award in 2017. This year he also edited and published charity anthology, TRAPPED WITHIN, which went to number one in the Kindle Horror Anthology charts on the weekend of its release.

So if you fancy something a little off the beaten track, why not take a wander through the contents of his head? See if you can make it out in one piece.


Midnight Media has been serving collectors with their regular fix of Horror and other Cinematic Delights since 1994. Publishers and purveyors of obscure movies, publications and T-Shirts. Organisers of Horror Film Festivals and the Film Fairs. Regular exhibitors at all the best shows and conventions.

If it’s rare films, or cult publications, Midnight Media is the place for all your Worldwide Video Weirdness!



Recy-kill, giving unwanted mannequins and other unused items an afterlife! Totally unique homemade horror props at a reasonable price. Pre orders taken on the props displayed in the pics.



Angela is a lifelong horror fan. As well as taking part in numerous projects over the years, including acting and funding of underground horror film ventures, she has now settled in to her first passion - which is making horror figures from movies screened over the last few decades.

These include various items from mini critters to fill sized ones, lament configurations, Sam from Trick r Treat in numerous forms, lots of Creepshow figures from a full size fluffy in his crate to 3D versions of the comic.

There are too many items to list, but rest assured she will be bringing a huge range of one off items – each one is handmade.


Rewind Vintage Toys is an independent toy store based in the King Street Toys and Collectables Shop in Wolverhampton.

Run by Ricki Guy and Sarah Smith they offer a wide range of vintage, retro and Collectable toys from the 70's, 80's, 90's and so on. They include genres of TV and film related, horror and sci-fi toys.

As well as selling toys Rewind Vintage offer the opportunity to buy unwanted toys or offer a free valuation service.

WEBSITE: www.rewind-vintage-toys.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewindtoys/


Al Reid's bio is simple - he likes to draw women and creepy stuff.

Sometimes creepy women.

Website is www.artbyalreid.com
Instagram @artbyalreid
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artbyalreid/


Opened two years ago by Dan and Jordan, Geeks Boutique is a quirky little shop in Watford, specialising in comics, classic horror vhs (including pre-certs), autographs and movie memorabilia, vintage toys, retro gaming,rare dvd releases and much much more.....

Run by a team of pop culture, cult movie, comic book aficionados who spend far too long discussing the on coming zombie apocalypse over pizza.

For more info please see https://www.facebook.com/GeeksBoutiqueWatford/


I'm an artist; I used to be a scientist, so it's an odd mix. I think that might be why I like to experiment. I like to play around with ideas such as my mosaics made from smashed vinyl or my lino-cuts into vintage book pages.

Horror caught my imagination hiding behind the sofa watching Hammer horrors as a kid and has stayed with me ever since. I’m thrilled to be part of the Horror Con in Birmingham; I’ll be bringing my kit and making more art over the weekend."



Michael J Richards specialises in horror and crime.

His comic horror novel, Afterwards Our Buildings Shape Us, is probably the weirdest tale anyone will ever read outside of H P Lovecraft.  His collection of weird tales, Bodies for Sale!, has some strange – very strange, indeed –things going on in there.

Frank Peters: his life, times and crimes, his true crime biography of a career criminal, contains real-life stories of drug dealing, money laundering, burglary, attempted murders and murder.

He has written and directed a 20-minute horror film and edited Tales of the Scorpion, an anthology of unpleasant stories, and While Glancing out of a Window, an anthology of stories of crime, horror, love and drama.  Michael J Richards studied at Philosophy and Literature at Warwick University and Education at Manchester before living and working in Huntingdon, Chelmsford and Northamptonshire as a journalist, teacher, warehouseman, toilets cleaner, information manager, bookkeeper, and civil servant. He spent the 1990s, on and off, travelling throughout China.

He chairs Northants Writers’ Ink (see www.northantswritersink.net) and the Northampton Literature Group (see https://northamptonliteraturegroup.wordpress.com), also leading its Writing Circle.


Zombunny Designs the spooky day job of Becci Bunny and Daneshi who will be at Horror Con in October with loads of creepy cute accessories including sew on patches, hair scarves, macabre wall art, enamel pins, horror themed make up bags and stationery. see you there.

For more information:www.zombunnydesigns.co.uk


Born out of a love of collecting, Fhloston Paradise Collectibles are specialists in retro styled action figures from across the pond.

Working exclusively with designer toy and apparel company Super7, Fhloston Paradise is the exclusive UK retailer for everything Super7/Reaction coming from California. Alien, Halloween Monsters, Hellboy and Masters Of The Universe are just some of the flavours we carry.

Fhloston Paradise has just published the first ever book on Reaction Figures that sold out at SDCC 2017! Check us out at www.fpcollectibles.com
or www.facebook.com/fpcollectibles.


While you sit in your work space for hours on end, writing, editing, re-writing, some more editing, rewriting again and then crossing your fingers as you submit the book for consideration with a publisher or getting it ready to self-publish, promotion to help you get your face in the public eye and, more importantly, your book on the pages of social media, websites and blogs, is one of the most important aspects of an author’s life.

The problem is that most authors just want to do what they are good at: writing. They don’t want the hassle of constantly having to share things on Facebook or Tweeting things to get themselves noticed. Although they know how important it is, they could better spend this time pounding the keyboard and producing either another short or novella or the next book in their most recent series.

That is where Confessions Publicity comes in. Put quite simply, if you join with Confessions Publicity, we will look after everything you need to promote you and your books.



Tom & Emily, together create all manner of sculptures, illustrations and oddities.

Over the past few years they have worked independently to bring their creepy machinations in to the world, but now, as foretold by prophecy they have combined their artistry to create more ambitious projects!

Their collection of cryptozoology themed art is ever growing, the theme is presented in sculptures, candles, prints,magnets, brooches; all manner of other macabre and beastly collectables will be presented before you at Birmingham Horror Con.

Gaze upon the shrivelled form of the Fiji mermaid in her glass coffin. Take home a miniature featuring your favourite Cryptid.
Burn their creature candles at witching hour, which one will you choose?

Find out more on Patreon; join the hunt for Cryptids and receive gifts every month! Not only this but you’ll be able to see how they sculpt, mould and generally create their creatures.

Emily Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creature.creature/?hl=en
Tom Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creaturehut/?hl=en


For those who like to Live Dark - We bring you Dark and Alternative Jewellery and Accessories.

We've searched far and wide to bring you the best in Alternative and Dark fashion on the web.

Whether you dress Alternative, Goth, Nu-Goth, Metal, Post-apocalyptic, Industrial, Strega, Witchy, Dark Mori, or even Lagenlook, we are certain you will find something here that suits your style!
Also, if you post or tag a picture of you wearing any of our items we will send you a nice 15% discount code off your next order, just for rockin' that look when you order online.

You can also check us out on


Or our website http://www.darkstormstore.com


Bristol-based Grimly Fiendish brings you handmade horror homewares, from monstrous plushies to morbid jewellery and killer key-rings. Inspired by classic horror, all things cute and a love of Halloween, Amy creates Frankensteinien crafts from parts such as fabric, wood and fluff. For anyone with a love of the morbid and the darker side of life.

For more information: Grimly Fiendish


Co-founded in 2015 by Ben Fallaize and Laura Viale-Durand, Father Phantom is a Birmingham based special effects studio.

We offer our services for film makers, theatres, TV and collectors around the world. Our work includes : Creature design, Special effect makeup, Make up, Life casting, Wig making, Props and Collectibles.

Custom projects and commissions are also welcome.

Our website : http://fatherphantomstudio.wixsite.com/fatherphantomstudio


Nick Stead is a supernatural horror and dark fantasy author from Huddersfield. He has a lifelong obsession with werewolves so it's no surprise his debut novel is a werewolf story, which he started writing back in 2003, while he was still in his GCSE years at school.

What was originally intended to be a short story quickly grew into ideas not just for a full length novel, but an entire series, and with the realisation of this his dream to one day be published was born. That dream was finally realised in 2015 and he has since brought out the second book, Hunted, and has almost finished drafting the third, which he hopes to have ready for release later this year.

Aside from the Hybrid series, he has also written several short stories which you can read for free on his website, and he has plans for a dark fantasy novel in future, as well as several other horrors.



S. L. Mewse is a horror author from a small market town in East Lincolnshire. She has a passion for creature features and enjoys nothing more than writing gory tales featuring all manner of monsters and supernatural creatures.

She is the author of the Primal Progeny series, which focuses on the blood splattered existence of a werewolf pack residing in the UK. The first book in the series, Torment, was released in 2015 and though the series was initially intended to be a trilogy, it has expanded into something bigger and she is currently working on book four. As well as this she is also hard at work on a supernatural tale based around some of her own, real life experiences.

As well as her novels, she also has works published in charity anthologies, and runs an interview series with other werewolf loving creatives on her website. She is also working on a dark fantasy comic and scribbling down ideas for more horror tales featuring folklore tales from around the world.



From the Shadows - Props Gore and More!

Belched from the Belly of South Wales, FTS emerged with a passion of 80s films and now produce indie film props and movie-themed gifts. Everything from Aliens to Zombies and some mash-ups along the way.



Rich Hawkins hails from deep in the West Country, where a childhood of science fiction and horror films set him on the path to writing his own stories. He credits his love of horror and all things weird to his first viewing of John Carpenter’s THE THING. His debut novel THE LAST PLAGUE was nominated for a British Fantasy Award for Best Horror Novel in 2015.


Square Orange Art: Long term horror hound Martyn Rotherham uses oil paints and digital media to create unique artwork. Square Orange Art sells the original paintings as well as prints. They also stock a growing range of exclusive Mini-Thu T-shirts. Square Orange Art will also be selling their first comic and are already working on several more. There really is no rest for the wicked - So there will be a limited edition artwork piece made specifically for this event.


Bleading Marvelous are a Horror and Cult TV and Movie website and Facebook community with almost 30,000 likers! They sell anything from the true horror Icons Freddy, Leatherface, Jason to Star Wars, Star Trek, Corpse Bride, iZombie, Firefly the list is huge!


CHARLOTTE CLARK (Designer, Maker)

Charlotte Clark Designer Maker creates curiously macabre designer ceramics to compliment your home! From functional dinnerware, to statement cushions and quirky ornaments!

Varying from her quirky macabre collections, to her iconic animal lady collections - you are bound to find something to make you chuckle!

All pieces are hand decorated using stunning bone china and kiln fired at Charlotte's home studio in the West Midlands, meaning they are all are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Some of my ranges now available online via -



Do you cross over to the dark side for your bling? Or do you summon them from elsewhere?

Silver & Goth promise to bring you treats from the dark side that are a little different to your normal jewellery.

Check them out here.



Greenfield Studios are a company specialising in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror painted figures and model kits.

They have been in business for 17 years trading at memorabilia, comic cons and model shows throughout the UK and USA. Thrilling their fans as they do so.

Greenfield produce their own range of figures as well as sourcing kits and statues from America, Europe and the Far East.


The Sinister Horror Company are on the rise in the literary horror world. With an impressive catalogue of titles from Godbomb to The Bad Game to Mr Robespierre, they have enough of a range of horror to satisfy fans of all sub genres. Their releases are often found high on the list of many a critic due to the quality of the product they so passionately deliver.


Matthew Cash, or Matty-Bob Cash as he is known to most,was born and raised in in Suffolk; which is the setting for his debut novel Pinprick. He is compiler and editor of Death By Chocolate, a chocoholic horror anthology, and the 12Days Anthology, and has numerous releases on Kindle and several collections in paperback.

In 2016 he started his own label Burdizzo Books, with the intention of compiling and releasing charity anthologies a few times a year. He is currently working on numerous projects, his second novel FUR will hopefully be launched at the convention.

He has always written stories since he first learnt to write and most, although not all, tend to slip into the many layered murky depths of the Horror genre.

His influences ranged from when he first started reading to Present day are, to name but a small select few; Roald Dahl, James Herbert, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Stephen Laws, and more recently he enjoys Adam Nevill, F.R Tallis, Michael Bray, Gary Fry, William Meikle and Iain Rob Wright (who featured Matty-Bob in his famous A-Z of Horror title M is For Matty-Bob, plus Matthew wrote his own version of events which was included as a bonus).
He is a father of two, a husband of one and a zoo keeper of numerous fur babies.

You can find him here:




Last Shirt on the Left is an independent clothing company devised by two movie maniacs hell bent on unleashing great quality, beautiful and desirable film-themed merchandise on the world! Ranging from Horror and Sci-Fi all the way through to Exploitation, Gore and more, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes!


Bright but dark. An original body of work by Luke Francis. Luke had been creating work like this from a very young age. Inspired by everything from his favourite horror films to nightmares he had as a child.

Each crazy picture has its own backstory and personality. Every design will be available to buy as a print in various sizes. New to horror Con will be his haunted flavour cookie enamel pins! Guaranteed to probably not be actually haunted.

Make sure to pop over and fill up in colourful nightmare fuel!!

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